cPanel Premium Mega

Intel Xeon E5 1650 6c/12t 3.1GHz.
750GB Espacio Disponible
Unlimited Transfer
MySQL Unlimited
Correos Unlimited
5,000.00 MXN Mensual
Ordenar * Contrato 2 Meses

cPanel Premium Zuper

Intel Xeon E5 2670 8c/16t 2.6GHz
1500GB Espacio Disponible
Unlimited Transfer
MySQL Unlimited
Correos Unlimited
8,000.00 MXN Mensual
Ordenar * Contrato 2 Meses
HTTP & FTP Daemon
MySQL & PostgreSQL Daemon
SSH Daemon
Control Panel
Daily Backup on Server
Daily Backup on Remote Server
Weekly Backup on Server
Weekly Backup on Remote Server
Hourly Backup Database on Server
Hourly Backup Database on Remote Server
Hourly/Minutes Backups Config Option
Security Auditing & Scanning.
Penetration Testing.
Vulnerability Scanning.
Malware Scanning.
Vulnerabilities removal.
Patching for Vulnerabilities.
Upgrading Applications.
Security Hardening.
Webapplication Firewall.
Intrusion Detection Systems.
Real time Monitoring.
Security Hardening for Layer 3, Layer 4 & Layer 7 Exploits & Attacks Cross-site scripting.
SQL injection.
Path disclosure.
Denial-of-service attack.
Arbitrary code execution.
Memory corruption.
Cross-site request forgery.
Data breach (information disclosure).
Arbitrary file inclusion.
Local file inclusion.
Remote file inclusion.
Buffer overflow.
Other, including code injection (PHP/JavaScript), etc.
Update kernel to latest stable version and patch for vulnerabilities or exploits.
Disk Partitioning and enforcing Disk Quotas.
Configuring Package Managers and Repositories.
Disabling unused Protocols.
Eliminating unused services.
Minimizing Open Network Ports.
Securing Binaries.
Securing Key Files and Configuration Files.
Setting and Enforcing Password Policies.
Limiting Root/SuperUser privileges.
Warning Banners for enforcing security policies.
Implementing Firewall Protection.
Configuring TCPWrappers.
Enabling System Logging, Auditing and log rotation.
System Accounting using auditd.
Configuring Backups.
Implement Integrity checking.
Software Disabling X window system.
Implementing Intrusion Detection Systems.
Implementing Linux Socket Monitor.
Configuring SeLinux for enhanced Security.
Implementing AntiVirus Protection.
TCP/IP stack hardening in Linux kernel using sysctl.
Webserver Hardening Apache 2.X, Nginx 1.X, Lighttpd 1.X & Litespeed, PHP, CGI, DDoS & Outbound SPAM protection.
Mail Server Hardening Postfix, Exim, QMail, Courier, Dovecot, Zimbra
Databas Server Hardening MySQL, PostGreSQL, MariaDB.
SSH Server Hardening.
FTP Server Hardening ProFTPd, Pure-FTPd, VSFTPD.
Control Panel Hardening Hosting Control Panel, Webmail, Statistics.
Enable Encryption for critical services


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